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Best Pump for your buck at Bunnings

This post for Clare, who was flooded at bit today. Thought I would put on the blog as took forever to find the bits as you may have a Bunnings that has and the usual unhelpful “This is not my department” staff.

Best pump for the price is the:


Make sure you get the “Dirty Water” version, pumps at 15,000 Liters per hour.

The you will need these bits:

  • DWV PVC Adaptor Male Iron (Barcode: 9319841042683)
  • Hose Clamps (Barcode: 932973403500)


Also will need “AGI Pipe unslotted Vinidex 50mm”
Comes in a 20 Meter roll
(Barcode: 9323714008799)

Put it all together like this…


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