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Y is a crooked letter and Z is not much better… Well that is what my mother said repeatedly in my childhood.

I guess I have always wanted to create a personal home page way back when, and now that they are sufficiently non-popular to do so, I reckon now is the best time 🙂

All the photographs on this website are ones I have taken (unless referenced), so guess it is also bit of a place where I can display those.

Head_charity-148I also use this blog to help some of the charities / non-profits I work with including:

My other interest is sailing and now more recently… having turned to the dark site… motor boating.  We are currently exploring the area of Gold Coast Broadwater and Moreton Bay. To do some of the google earth work I do, I needed a website to host some of the GPS tracks and overlays I am working on.

Ohh… and why 1AM.com.au… well, I was always looking for interesting email address, so made up thinking@1am.com.au.  I am a bit of a night owl, anyway what else would you be doing at 1am in the morning ;->