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Introducing Vice Commodore Llewellyn Bay

Head_SICYC-148 Let me introduce myself.

I have recently gone to the dark side of boating, well the one that suits at the moment, motor boating.  I do however have fond memories of my many trips on a SeaWind 1000 up and down the coast of Queensland helping deliver “Dream-On” from and to the Whitsunday’s for my friend Peter Rea (Vice Commodore Kirra Beach).

Before that, we use to take “Wave Dancer” until she sank in the storms in Arlie Beach in 2008.  When completing our Coxswain’s at MSQ we see they used a photo of the boat on a safety brochure “Don’t let this happen to you.”

SICYC-148I guess what really like about SICYC is it seems to bring together all those like minded “good people” you meet on Marina’s fingers, laundries and anchorages.

If you are on the water the boat is called “MaxSea Lady” moored at Runaway Bay.

James Sturges
Phone: 0408778755
Vice Commodore – Llewellyn Bay

About Llewellyn Bay

I guess it is a bit cliche but my other location was taken, Tabby Tabby Island, where I spent 3 days aground… I know it pretty well !

Armstrong Beach

Llewellyn Bay from Armstrong Beach

You can view Llewellyn Bay on Navionics here.

It is basically south of Hay Point @ 21° 27′ 32″ S, 149° 18′ 57″ E.  It is one of the many Dugon feeding area’s with an abundance of sea grass in the bay.  The closest beach is Armstrong Beach, which is 7 klms east of Sarina.