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How you can support SICYC

SICYC Burgee

You can support the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia really easily by nominating Allianz as your CTP Insurer for your car.

CTP is the standard insurance you have with your car registration.  You may have your full comprehensive with another insurer.  It does not stop you form supporting SICYC and Prostate Foundation by swapping to Allianz.

For every form received Allianz will donate $20 to the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.
To kick of the first year, Allianz has even agreed to pay, even if your are already with them, we thank them for their support of SICYC.
You can send in the form any time, so please do it now, you don’t have to wait for your rego to come.
You can down load the form by clicking HERE
(Car must be registered in Queensland)
You can pass this form onto your friends even if they are not members of SICYC, the more forms the more Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia will receive.

Many ways of sending:

  • If you want to scan / take a photo of it and email it to me:

James Sturges: thinking@1am.com.au

  • or post to:

Vice Commodore Llewellyn Bay
Llewellyn Motors
BOOVAL Qld 4304

  • or drop in and see me at the cafe for a coffee at:

Llewellyn Motors
246 Brisbane Rd

  • If you prefer, you can post it direct to Allianz as per the form.

Any questions please call me on 0408 778755 or fill out the form below: